Foundations of Health

Like the name implies your Foundation of Health is the basic stucture on which the rest of your health rests upon. When you lead a busy life, what with work or school, paying bills or taking care of your family it’s easy to let the little things slip through the cracks.

More and more I’ve been finding that people are letting the craziness that is life dictate their health. Often times we don’t get to the doctors unless there’s an acute or chronic issue such as a cold or flu and sometimes not even then. I understand, even as a doctor this is something that I tend to put off in favor of the thirty thousand other things I need to get done. It’s easy to think of your health as ‘future you’s’ problem, you’re not sick today so that must mean that you’re health. I hate to break it to you, but the lack of pain or discomfort does not equate to health. That’s why the Foundations of Health are so important, they’re simple everyday things that we take for granted, but refined can allow you to take control of your health today.

There are 6 Foundations of Health that I reccommend that people focus on; Breathing, Hydration, Sleep, Exercise, Proper Eating, and keeping good strong Relationships.

These are things that seem simple, but how well are you breathing? When was the last time you know that you actually drank the 8 cups of water a day that the body needs to stay hydrated? When was the last time that you were able to eat mindfully, without any TV or radio?

The 6 Foundations of Health are simple, they’re things that you do everyday (hopefully), but that tends to be their curse. Because we breath all the time, and drink water, and eat, because it’s something we do without having to think about it, we tend to think we’re doing it well. But doing the bare minimum, drinking enough water that you’re not actively thirsty or getting just enough sleep that you’re able to make it though the day isn’t creating a strong foundation of health.

The Foundations of Health and preventative health care is about taking care of yourself daily with the choices you make. It’s about making conscious decisions and being aware that the little things that you do millions of times throughout your day can effect your health in big ways.

Don’t leave your health up to the ‘Future You’, take control today. Make sure that you’re drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, eating enough fruits and vegetables, be active in your health, because you’re worth it.

Have any questions? Want to check how good your foundations are? Make an appointment or call today for a special Foundations of Health consultation!