Homeopathy 101

As far as natural medicines go, Homeopathy is something that you may have heard about and you probably with some mixed messages about it’s benefits. Maybe you heard about it from a friend who’s had positive results from it, and then maybe you talked to your M.D about it who’s view on the effectiveness was dismissive at best.

Homeopathy tends to be the small nerdy kid that all the die hard western medicine bullies like to beat up on.

But do you actually know what Homeopathy is?

To put it simply Homeopathy is a healing technique which uses natural substances to stimulate and support the body to heal itself. The body is amazing, it wants to heal itself, sometimes though it just needs a little help (don’t we all know that feeling?) to speed along the process.

Let’s say that you’ve eaten something that you’re allergic to. Not hugely allergic, but you eat it and you start to get a little bit of a scratchy throat, maybe it’s a little raspy when you talk, or there’s a tickle there that makes you cough every couple of seconds. In that moment a Homeopath would probably suggest that you take a remedy like Apis Mellifica.


Well, Apis Mellifica is a super super tiny quantity of bee venom, an amount so minuscule that when the body is confronted with the bee venom in such a small concentration that the body is able to handle it without breaking a sweat. Kind like the prick of a pin compared to a gun shot. Now your bodies on a roll, feeling good about itself, your immune cells are patting each other on the back for a job well done, so when it’s once again confronted with the allergic reaction caused by the food you just ate, it’s able to get the reaction under control much quicker because it had just done the same thing moments before with the bee venom.

(*Note-While Apis Mellifica and other Homeopathic Remedies can be extremely beneficial in minor allergic reactions, for severe allergic reactions an epi-pen is still necessary although it can be taken in conjunction with Homeopathic Remedies.)

So why take Homeopathic Remedies?

Homeopathic Remedies don’t mask symptoms, they work in tandem with the body to help support the body in healing itself. You can take Ib-Prophen for a migraine, but that’s just dampening the pain, if you have chronic migraines Ib-Prophen isn’t going to cure that, but a Homeopathic Remedy might.

Not to mention that Homeopaths fit the remedies to the individual, taking into account unique differences from person to person. Because of this often times a patient might be administered more than one remedy at a time, or over time, and as symptoms change so do the remedies. If the effectiveness of a remedy stops another one is chosen which better suits the new symptoms. Like peeling an onion, symptoms get layered through suppression and the Homeopathy helps gently remove the layers to get to the core issue.

Homeopathy views the body for the frustrating, constantly changing and evolving being that we are and it recognizes that what works for one person isn’t going to work for the rest of the world.

Conventional medicine tends to only cure symptoms, you come in with high blood pressure and you get a pill that treats high blood pressure, but high blood pressure is just a symptom of a larger issue that your body is working on. Homeopathy follows the symptoms of the body to a source and finds the nature of the cause to determine the right remedy or remedies to help the body heal in its entirety.

Another thing about Homeopathic Remedies, they have little to no side effects. It either works, or it doesn’t, and you can easily fit these remedies into your daily life along side any conventional medication you might be taking.

While conventional medicine has it’s benefits, it also has limits and sometimes some nasty side effects which can be worse then the original problem.

Homeopathy isn’t a cure all end all remedy, and it most definitely isn’t some magical pill that will instantaneously relieve you of pain, but when used by an experienced Homeopath it can be a very effective tool on your pathway to total body well being. Case after case of healing has occured with enough consistency to apply it based on symptoms, on who you are and how you react to life. To get the best results contact an experienced Homeopath like Dr. Maggie Fox at Fox Natural Medicine today!