All About LDA

Tired of dealing with allergies?

Allergies can be frustrating to deal with, whether they’re chronic or acute, something that you have to deal with daily or something that tends only to affect you seasonally; allergies have a way of making an ordinary day ten times more difficult.

While there are plenty of medications, supplements, and other remedies around which help relieve the symptoms that allergic reactions create (runny nose, itchy skin, cough, sneezing, etc.). While they can be very helpful in getting you through the day, they aren’t preventative.

But there’s a new allergy buster on the block – LDA (Low Dose Allergy Immunotherapy).

LDA Immunotherapy helps build up your body’s tolerance to the environment inside and outside your body, whether food, environmental or chemical, LDA helps to create less severe allergic reactions, and frequently ceasing the reaction altogether.

How is this possible?

First, let’s talk about what an allergic reaction is:

An allergic reaction is what happens when the body sees a usually harmless substance ( food, pollen, animal hair, etc.) as an attack on the body. The immune system begins to fight off these substances, which in turn can cause runny noses, burning eyes, trouble breathing, bloating, depression, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

How does LDA help?

LDA Immunotherapy is a low dose treatment (injection or sublingual) which uses a mixture of broad-based allergens made active with beta-glucuronidase enzymes.

How does LDA work?

When the LDA comes into contact with the skin, it produces T Regulator cells (T-Reg cells). T-Reg cells address inappropriate reactions to allergens and help sustain long-lasting immune tolerance. TReg cells help ‘shut off’ your body’s allergic response by reconditioning the body to react differently when it comes into contact with triggering substances.

How is LDA different?

You don’t need annoying and inaccurate allergy tests, and over 300 significant allergens are included. Even if your specific allergen is not included, it helps reprogram the overactive immune system and decreases allergic reactivity. Not to mention, you only get injections every eight weeks, and after a year, there is even more time between doses, which will taper off until the injections are no longer necessary. The allergen content is very minute compared to conventional allergy shots, so there is less reaction to the injection themselves. It works to help the body regulate and balance the immune system. It has also been found to help many with auto-immune diseases.

How Safe is LDA?

A study done in the US between 1993-2001 of over 10,000 patients found that there are no significant adverse reactions to LDA. There may be some localized reactions of swelling at the LDA site, with possible itching and redness, but this is only a temporary reaction and should not persist or lead to more severe reactions.

Because the immune modulation which LDA uses is at such a low strength (lower than what is found in nature), LDA is safe for people with severe allergies, including those who may experience anaphylactic shock when encountering certain substances. Some patients may experience a temporary increase of symptoms after their LDA treatment (this may happen for the first one to three treatments). Dr. Maggie Fox can help manage these symptoms. Don’t worry, though, this symptom flare is a good indicator that the LDA is working.

What does and LDA Treatment Look Like?

Environmental Triggers:

If you have chemical or ecological triggers, try to minimize contact with any triggering substances for the two days before and one day after the LDA injections. Avoid animals, dust, mold, etc. DR. Maggie Fox will provide more specific information during consultation before the injection.

Food Triggers:

Those with food triggers will have to follow a strict three-day diet (the day before injection, the day of injection, and the day after injection). Dr. Maggie Fox will provide a detailed list of the foods allowed and the foods to avoid during consultation before the injection.

How often?

Depending on the severity/duration of symptoms, there are a recommended 6-18 sessions, each given eight weeks apart. Additional injections may be needed and often at longer and longer intervals. At times a booster is necessary when stress can reactivate the misdirected immune system.

Tired of dealing with allergies? Schedule an LDA consultation with Dr. Maggie Fox today.

LDA is not FDA approved and not covered by insurance, though a superbill from the office may be covered.