Programs and Standard Fees

ProActive Health Programs

  • Try it for a year, stay for a lifetime of wellness and vitality.
  • These are year long or ongoing programs designed to maintain your health and vitality.
  • It is for patients who are on their way to transforming their health.
  • All programs require a 1 hour annual visit with a complete physical, as well as routine and specialized lab tests for general health evaluation.
  • Current goals and current lifestyle, motivation and challenges will be discussed.
  • Second visit 1-2 weeks later: Lab review and establish plan and accountability by both of us.
  • Initiation fee value include in pricing below is $280 plus labs and tests

Gold Proactive
$ 100 per month
You are doing great and want to stay that way. This program helps harmonize your goals to your lifestyle.
After initial visit and lab review there are:
3 visits every 2 months for 45 minutes
$ 1000 in advance or $100 / month – plus initiation fee, labs and other tests
Diamond Change
$ 380 per year
Begin after a year on the Gold Program or start here
You have healthy lifestyle and this plan helps you maintain your vitality.
Initial visit or review visit is like an annual visit
Checkin visit at 6 months for 1 hour
Total charge for both visits would be $440 annually plus labs and tests as needed.
Seasons of Change
$ 760 per year
This program strategizes to meet the changes of the seasons
Transform your life with activities and therapies
Initiation visit with labs
One hour visits each season
$760 annually plus labs and tests as needed

Patient Information

  • On scheduling your appointment, you will get an email invitation to the Patient Portal.
  • Before your visit complete online registration and new patient forms to expedite your appointment time.
  • Bring a list of medications and supplements, dosage, reasons for taking. You can bring them in or bring pictures of each.
  • Bring any recent medical records, reports, labs and tests.

Our Standard Fees

Primary Care and Homeopathy Visits: $200/hr

New Patient Visits are about 90 minutes
Return Visits are 45 minutes
Brief Visit (15 minutes), restricted to established patients for acute problem or lab review visits.

Telephone consultation

Restricted for existing patients only
First 10 minutes no charge
After 10 minutes a charge rate of $4/minute will apply

Telemedicine visits

Via secure web interface, you will be charged at the appropriate visit rate.

Free 15 minute Meet and Greet

Meet Dr. Maggie Fox and determine if Fox Natural Medicine is a good fit for you. No treatment will be done at this visit.


No consultations will be done by email. Do not email any medical questions or information to Dr Fox as they will be deleted unread.

Any questions by patients can be done via the patient portal or phone, fees apply.

Cancelations / No Show Fee: $50

Cancelations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a fee charge of $50

Activator Treatment

$50 per session, if a stand alone treatment. $25 additional charge when part of patient visit

Biodynamic Craniosacral sessions

(30-45 minutes) Currently free for existing patients while Dr. Fox is completing her training, as a separate appointment. Value of this service is $100 per session.

Rubimed consultation

$100 plus remedies if stand alone consultation

Energy Transformation or Mind/Body sessions

(60 minutes) $150 /hour
Packages: 10% off ($675) for package of 5 sessions of Energy Transformation or Mind/Body sessions.
20% off ($1200) for package of 10 sessions. Packages need to be paid in advance and can be used for up to 6 months.

Standard Labs and Imaging

This can be billed directly to your insurance companies by the labs and imaging.
Specialty testing generally requires a co-pay.
Remedies and supplements are charged in addition to the fees mentioned above.
Discounts do not apply to these items.


Fox Natural Medicine is an out of network provider with all insurance companies.  Payment is expected at time of service. A super bill will be provided for you to submit to your insurance company. Many times this can be applied to your deductible. Washington State requires most insurance companies to cover naturopathic medicine though benefits can vary from plan to plan. By not taking insurance we can provide care tailored to your needs without the limitations that insurance imposes on providers.


  • College Students: 20% off our normal hourly rate with valid college ID only.
  • Teachers and recent grads: 10% off of our normal hourly rate with valid teacher ID only.
  • Unemployed and Seniors: Call for info, with appropriate validation.

We accept check, credit, or debit cards.